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Silver Sword International Merging Media With Morality

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Upcoming Feature Films Include:




Silver Sword International presents the original feature production where two rich men vie for the love of the same high society heiress. However her father, suspicious of their motives, challenges them to live homeless for a month, with the best survivor proving himself worthy of his daughter.





Silver Sword International presents the production of an original fictional feature film of drama, which tells of an intense and emotional story of mother-son-wife relationships, and their subsequent effects on their own families and friends, in three living generations simultaneously.

From a modern American perspective, an attempt to resurrect lives by reconciling the past, takes a more family oriented approach.

Surmising that deep hypocrisies exist with her in-laws, a strong and supportive wife pushes her troubled husband into agreeing to solve his haunted family past, which has severely strained their marriage and their relationship with their young children.

His faith is tested as he engages the problems directly, by seeking help through family and friends, as well as mysterious characters for “refreshingly unusual” guidance.

With incredible emotion, the chance of conquering personal afflictions while dealing with difficult confrontations, along with a suspenseful turn of events where things are not at all as they seem, giant obstacles and trials are attempted to be resolved without question of faith, at a place where lives may be regained.



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